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Here, you’ll find an array of curtain designs inspired by the beauty of nature and the elegance of various global aesthetics. Venture through our site to discover these uniquely crafted pieces and delve into our engaging blog posts that further enrich your home decor journey.

Colby Armstrong, a product of a design-oriented upbringing founded our company to revolutionize shower curtain designs by emphasizing personality and aesthetics. Explore our site to discover Colby’s unique shower curtain designs.

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Shower Curtains for All Styles

blue shower curtain in nordic-style bathroom

Nordic Style

Nordic style shower curtains embody the essence of Scandinavian design principles, pairing minimalism with functionality for a clean and calming bathroom aesthetic.

stone shower curtain in a french modern bathroom

Minimal Stone

Stone Modern shower curtains bring the beauty and texture of natural stone into your bathroom, offering a contemporary appeal that effortlessly blends sophistication and earthiness.

Portuguese style bathroom tile shower curtain

Portuguese Modern

Portuguese tile shower curtains infuse your space with vibrant colors and patterns, replicating the traditional azulejos to create an Mediterranean escape right in your home.